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Is there a carrycot for the Maclaren Atom?

Janet • 01 May 2022


I have a Maclaren Atom stoller and would like to know if there is a carrycot that fits it?

Eli • 02 May 2022

Hi, Janet,

There was a carrycot fitting the LIE-FLAT seat of the Maclaren Atom, yes - it is normally attached over the seat in the reclined position. The Maclaren Universal Carrycot is only sold in some countries and even that not all the time, so it is not 100 % you will be able to get it... I recommend googling, then browsing classifieds and eBay, searching for the 'Maclaren Universal Carrycot' carrycot as you need only the one fitting your stroller model, and it is this newer bassinet model. Also try to contact any seller of the Atom around you, they might be able to order it from the manufacturer.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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