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Is the Uppababy Cruz V2 good as everyday stroller & better than the Cybex Priam or the Bugaboo Fox 3?

Sej • 03 Jun 2022

Is the Uppababy Cruz V2 a good stroller for everyday use? And is it better than Bugaboo Fox3 and the Cybex Priam or not?

Eli • 04 Jun 2022

Heya, Sej,

The Uppababy Cruz is a nice mid-size full-features stroller with a sturdy frame, so yes, for everyday use on different, non-extreme terrains, it is a good model. It is not the smallest for the car boot but it is not overly bulky, just a bit long for my taste.

In my opinion, the Cruz V2 is definitely better than the Priam in terms of customer service, handling, and also the overall longevity and quality, but I would have to say the Fox 3 Is even better at those, at least in my experience. However, the BGB Fox 3 is a bit bulkier than the Cruz even, mainly after folding the seat with the frame, so if you need a flatter model, the Cruz will do nicely.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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