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Chicco Trolley Me: Is the Trolley Me buggy's seat bolt upright?

Kattie • 01 Sep 2021


Is the seat on this bolt upright? My wee boy likes to sit forward and I find a lot of strollers lie back too far in the sitting position which makes it really uncomfortable for him. I've tried just using harness around his waist but it doesn't feel safe enough.

Eli • 31 Aug 2021

Hi there!

Well, I'll disappoint you, pretty much NO ultracompact stroller is a stroller with a completely upright seat. I am sorry. The seatback, even of those that are relatively upright, is almost always at least a little angled, and here, it's actually more than a little angled, so no, this seat back does not sit bolt upright.

I do suggest reading this top ultracompact strollers of 2021 to inspire yourself, and, also, our Strolberry guides on how to choose a stroller... and from budget strollers (which the Chicco Trolley Me certainly is), I will only tell you - do count on MANY compromises in terms of quality, terrain capability, features of the pushchair, and, of course, the upright seat as well.

I would much rather suggest a mid-size stroller, not a travel ultra-compact one, and, also, rather a higher model - even if pre-loved - than a cheaper one (while expecting too much of it). For example, the Mamas&Papas Airo claims a rather upright seat for an ultracompact, but it's a more expensive buggy... And from Chicco, the Chicco Goody Plus is more upright than the Trolley Me BUT still not completely upright...

Perhaps look at Peg-Pérego pushchairs; they are more upright than most.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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