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Is the Nuna Pipa Next car seat compatible with Joolz Aer's adapters?

Sy • 28 Jun 2023


Just wondering if the Nuna Pipa Next infant car seat is compatible with Joolz Aer adapters?

Eli • 28 Jun 2023

Hey, Sy,

The Newer Nuna cars seats are made so that they fit only on the newer Ring adapters, at least officially, so it is best to ask Nuna's customer service to confirm or deny this themselves. It's a bit confusing to everyone, and I would normally say Nuna car seats WOULD fit the [joolz-aer-plus|Joolz Aer]]'s Maxi-Cosi/Cybex adapters, but right now I have to say I don't even know after the changes Nuna made. So I will suggest either trying it out in a store, or writing to Nuna's customer service.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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