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Is the Kinderkraft Everyday pram worth buying?

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eli & vii
Sej • 30 May 2022

Is Kinderkraft Everyday stroller worth buying?

Eli • 31 May 2022

Heya, Sej,

I wrote a lot about that stroller HERE in an in-depth Kinderkraft Everyday stroller review, so I am definitely recommending that before reaching to a conclusion. Overall, however, for the money, it is actually very nice and it pleasantly surprised me in terms of space in both the bassinet and theseat unit. However, it is a heavy-ish, bulky stroller (less bulky than other large 3in1 systems but still), so I would only recommend it to you if you need something robust fur bumpy roads, you definitely want your stroller to last in terms of space, and you do have enough storage or car boot space, otherwise it will be harsher to manipulate and travel with it. Overall, though, a rather good value for the money if it fits your lifestyle.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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