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Is the Keenz brand really a good stroller brand? How is the Keenz Air Plus 2.0 buggy?

Gizelle • 12 Feb 2022


I saw the features and specifications of Keenz Air Plus 2.0, and I wanted to do some more research, however, I can't seem to find their official website. They claim they have international certifications but those information are only posted on retail shops. Can you help me find out if this stroller brand is true to what they claim.

Thank you!

Eli • 12 Feb 2022

Hey, Gizelle,

The Keenz is a real brand, I wouldn't worry. I mean, in the USA especially, it is quite a big brand. The official Keenz website can be HERE; they, however, specialize in the stroller wagons, so that is what you'll mainly find there. It can also be possible that for other markets (Europe, Asia), they offer different (e.g., licensed) products made in different factories and for different prices. It may be possible your stroller will, therefore, not be on their official page because of being meant for a specific market.

About the stroller itself, it looks... simple. Made in China is quite obvious here, and I am guessing it was just an opportunity for Keenz to expand a bit with an actual stroller. I must say this model, I wouldn't get based on the pictures alone.

I hope I helped you - don't worry about the brand. The best is to think of it as a bigger brand with a wide portfolio, and the brand itself doesn't make the stroller good or bad - it is the materials used, the features and technologies, and therefore, the price, too. Be sure to check the pram before buying, and critically try it out in a store if unsure - check the plastics, fabrics, joints. A wobbly new stroller, for example, will be only worse over time.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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