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Is the 'Hot Mom' stroller brand a good one?

Rola Nazmi • 28 Feb 2022

Hi, are Hot Mom strollers of good quality? Is it a well established brand?

Eli • 01 Mar 2022

Hi, Rola,

I am sorry to say it is not. It is a cheap Chinese brand predominantly sold on Aliexpress and such websites and it is also copying more known brands like Mima a lot.

I personally bumped into one in a Zoo and it was rattly as hell... also, one mom owning it lives in the house near me, and I cannot say I like how the stroller ages. I cannot recommend this brand, I am sorry.

Rather buy a better brand second-hand than a cheap fake, even if new. The cheap one will loosen up, squeak, rattle and overall get bad quite soon – not even talking about not too much comfort for the child in the non-certified plastic-y PU leather and a small seat. There are no certifications and European/American requirements on the materials so it means it can even be full of harmful chemical compounds and you won't even know it. (Also, it is bulky - just like a Mima, but that you probably expect.)

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.