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Is the Emmaljunga Super Viking available in the USA, and what do you think about it?

Kelly rich • 17 Apr 2022

Can the Emmaljunga Super Viking be purchased in the states? If so where? What do you think of this stroller? Does it have TRUE rubber tires? Not hard plastic feeling tires.

Eli • 18 Apr 2022

Hi, Kelly,

I'll start at the end. The Super Viking truly has rubber tires, not plastic ones. They, however, are not this soft gummy-feeling, rubbery mass, they are hardened to not wear out quickly.

I quite like the pram, to be honest, as it is very spacious - with a long seat unit even if it is reversible (it is a bit narrow, however, but absolutely ok even for a 3yo if not in thick winter clothes + footmuff). The stroller is not the slightest not the most compact, but for the nice driving characteristics, it is enough. Overall, it is a well-built stroller not focusing on the design, but on the practicality of an all-terrain model.

Lastly, it is not really available in the US. If you want exactly that one, you can always try to contact their customer service, go through classifieds, or check eBay/Amazon, as there are often sellers shipping models otherwise not available. Other than these options, you will only have to travel to get it, but that is not the most economic way, so you'll probably end up getting a different stroller system.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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