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Is the Easywalker Jackey XL the right choice?

Camila • 12 Sep 2022

I’ve just noticed the Easywalker Jackey XL launch. Looks like exactly what I was looking for: A stroller/ buggy suitable from birth, lightwheight, with one hand fold and capable to tackle some rough terrain (bad quality sidewalks and parks and playground not fully pavemented). I’m not looking for a super compact stroller, but I prefer something a kind of mid size strolles (easy to manoeuvre inside stores and public transportation).

Parent facing isn’t a must for me. But good acessories like rain cover and footmuff are a must have necessity.

Do you believe that the Jackey XL is the stroller I’m looking for? Do you have any other suggestions? The Joolz Hub was on my List, but I have found ist too expansive.. I prefer to spend less than that.

Eli • 13 Sep 2022

Hi, Camila,

Whatever the promotional materials say, the Jackey will not be able to tackle any rough terrain, it is an urban stroller, based on the frame and size of the stroller and its frame. I am sorry to disappoint you. If you prefer a mid-size stroller, I would DEFINITELY not take this one - something like the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 would be incomparable in features, quality and push - and so would many others, like the [babystyle-oyster-zero-gravity|Oyster Zero]], Valco Trend... The Jackey XL is going to be just a tad better ultra-compact, if I were to be honest.

Accessories would be the last thing to bother me, as they can always be bought separately if not included, and not just the expensive originals, but also cheaper universal ones.

So, forgive me, but no, I don't believe Jakcey XL is an everyday comfort, do-it-all pushchair, and I would look at something a little larger.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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