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Is the Cybex Cloud Z2 car seat compatible with the Acorn i-Size/Tote i-Size/multi-brand Cosatto adaptors?

Em6826 • 14 Apr 2023


Do you know if the Cybex Cloud Z2 carseat is compatible with the Cosatto Wow pushchair (original one) using the Acorn i-Size/Tote i-Size/multi-brand Cosatto Adaptors. The Cybex Z is but cosatto said they had not yet tested the Z2 but Cybex imply the Cybex z2 is essentially the same car seat but with the lie flatter function for the in car setup as well as the pram so wondered if it would.

Many thanks

Eli • 14 Apr 2023

Heya, Em,

I believe it will definitely fit on those adapters. I personally wouldgo for it if the adapters fit on your frame (I read that "They also let you attach other leading brand car seats to your Wow Continental, Wow XL and Wow 2 pram & pushchair." and don't mention the first Wow model).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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