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Is the Anex e/type and its seat unit a good choice for city parents?

Kaitlyn • 24 Dec 2021

Hi Eli,

Reading your post, I see you mentioned the cheaper, often Polish-made strollers that focus on the oval-shaped carrycot (look rather than function?). This makes me wonder if the Anex e/type model would be a good fit for a first-time parent.

We are not super active and don’t do a lot of hiking, mostly city life. I do like the look of the carrycot configuration to be honest. On the Anex website regarding this particular model, the seat unit looks good to me but since I am no expert I would like your opinion on it.

Many thanks!

Eli • 25 Dec 2021

Heya, Kaitlyn,

The Anex e/type is not a bad nor the best choice, from my - also a city mum - point of view. I mean, the bassinet IS pretty and rather comfy, even if not the largest. The seat is not bad but is still more on the smaller than on the roomy side, and its canopy is not the most practical one - so you should count on it being used about 1.5 to 2 years of use from my experience. The thing is, the folded stroller is super bulky - meaning a mom in a town or a city that needs something reasonably lightweight and compact - since we do travel quite a bit - will be tired of a bulky stroller after a year or so. Taking the not-too-spacious seat with that, yes you will make use of such a pram but, to be honest, it would not be my first choice.

I can see why you picked it, it is stylish and not badly made, so if you fell in love with it, go for it. Just do count on a lighter buggy being bought for your toddler along the way ;-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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