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Is the Anex Air-Z ultracompact stroller a suitable budget-friendly option for my 2.5yo as well as the baby on the way?

Ines P • 20 Apr 2022


I have a 2.5y old toddler and a new baby on the way. Saw the Anex-z that seams perfect for my toddler and later on for the baby, although I cannot find reviews on that stroller. I'm looking for a light stroller, that could fit a baby or a toddler, with an ok suspension and also light on the pocket.

Thank you

Eli • 20 Apr 2022

Hiya, Ines,

You cannot find reviews on the Anex Air-Z as that is one completely new stroller. It is not a bad one, it sports a cool design, a nice padding plus a switch reversed option for the smallest babies (watch out, the center of gravity there will not be the most comfortable to push, most probably), and a very nice low weight. On the other hand, just by looking at it, I can tell you it will be much better for your second on the way but way too tight, short in space for your 2.5 years old. Even if it states a high weight capacity, the seat is simply short and narrow to expect a comfy push with a larger toddler, that is really one thing to understand here. Still a cool option, and if it fits your budget and your eldest is on the tiny side, it could work well for you.

Other than that, also check a Cybex Beezy or a Koelstra Buggy Gen which are not expensive that much, either. And don't expect much in terms of suspension/terrain ride from any ultracompact, otherwise you'll end up a bit disappointed, the more so the more affordable the buggy is going to be.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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