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Is the ABC Design Salsa a worthy stroller system choice?

Dea • 14 May 2022

Hi Eli!

I am writing to you again with a new question. I read your article about the downsides of the 3 in 1 systems and you are totally right. We had one of those with my firstborn as we were new to all of this and didn’t know, and it did end up with a stroller in pieces.

We are looking to replace it now that we have a new baby. You had recommended a couple of strollers to me but, unfortunately, as they were all discontinued models, we couldn’t find them. But in the meantime, while searching online, I fell in love with the ABC Desing Salsa 4, as it meets all our needs (good suspension, stable, has a bassinet too for the baby to use for now, huge space underneath and a considerably well-sized seat that stands high from the ground and can face both ways).

My question to you is if this stroller falls in the same category of “don’t”s you were describing in the article, of poor quality strollers that won’t last and that will have a very bad or small seat. Or is it high quality enough to be worth getting, especially as we would be buying it second-hand and will use it a lot?

Thank you so much!

Eli • 15 May 2022

Hello, Dea,

I am very glad you found some insight and also a stroller system you like. Actually, you picked very nicely in the category, and I will describe all the advantages and the few downsides of the ABC Design Salsa model (each stroller has downsides, so no worries, it's actually a nice pick).

So, the good stuff: it is super roomy, the carrycot as well as the seat, and their canopies are huge, which is superb. The stroller system will last you. The suspension is nice, not totally rocking like a vintage pram but very nice indeed, and the more so if you'll pick the Air version with the inflatable wheels. The basket is huge and indeed the position of the seat and the basisnet ish higher up. Overall a very nice price-performance ratio.

About the downsides, the bassinet of some model is said to be a bit inclined so the baby's head can be a bit downwards. This is not the case with all the years and models, so just a chance it might be so. However, it is easily fixable for those few months of using a bassinet with just a blanket under the mattress in that part. Next is that the seat is a bit simple, like less elaborate then the carrycot, and the fabrics overall are not superbly padded, just simple, on the thinner side. And lastly, the stroller is not small, it can be folded with the seat but is bulky like that, so I recommend first detaching the seat then fold the frame separately to rather put it in the car in two parts.

So that is it! It is not a crazy luxurious model but it is actually rather practical and quite nice. If you'll need real terrain capabilities the Salsa Air would be my go-to. And if you like the pram, go on, really, it is quite nice.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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