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Is it possible to fit a Maxi Cosi Cabriofix to the older Mothercare Journey?

Jules90 • 28 Nov 2022


I have the Mothercare Journey pram from my oldest but no longer have the car seat. Is it possible to fit a Maxi Cosi Cabriofix using adapters? I've seen mixed comments about it online. It is the original Journey I have and not the edit.

Thanks in advance.

Eli • 28 Nov 2022

Heya, Jules,

The Journey shoult work with adapters just like this (this is an eBay offer I randomly found after googling).

If in doubt, check the lower side of the carrycot / seat attachment, and compare it with the adapters lower side, it should look the same, and if it does, it should work. Overall it should work, however it always depends on which year's model you have.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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