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Inglesina Quid²: Does it fit the cabin luggage requirements, and is it better than the Cybex Libelle 2?

Ernie • 20 Jan 2023

Does the Inglesina Quid2 fits in all airline overhead bin, and which would you recommend for traveling to different countries, the Quid2 or the Libelle 2?

Eli • 20 Jan 2023

Hi, Ernie,

The answer depends on multiple factors. The Quid2 was already taken on board as cabin luggage - multiple moms I know had it so. It, however, is a tad on the taller side, and some strict airlines might have a problem with it. It is vital to check with your airline of choice and their exact requirements, especially on the measurements they allow. 1-2 centimeters difference should not really make a difference, but 8 to 10 could.

About the Quid vs. Libelle, this again depends. First, on your child size and capabilities. The Quid lies flat, so is better for smaller babies, however has a smaller seat (so it will last shorter) and is larger after folding. The New Libelle from Cybex is smaller and more practical for traveling, however it is better for a larger/taller kid as it doesn't recline fully and is on the simpler side.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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