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Inglesina Electa: Is the carrycot high enough, and the wheels and suspension better than those on ultra-compact strollers?

Jan • 04 Jun 2022

Hi there,

I have a similar question to the previous one about i) suspension and ii) height of the carrycot. I understand that this may be weaker compared to full-size strollers. But how does it compare to the small ones? (Yoyo, Joolz Aer, Boogaboo Bee). E.g. is the Electa carrycot lower than that of the Yoyo? Will the suspension be weaker? (Yoyo has rear-wheel suspension but also much smaller wheels).

Thank you very much for your help!

Eli • 04 Jun 2022

Hiya, Jan,

Well, no, the Electa carrycot is definitely higher placed than the Yoyo's, as the Yoyo has it really really low (and most ultracompacts do, except for those that have it on adapters like the Aer, where the bassinet is actually ok, considering, even if not totally high up). About the suspension, it is not too soft, but it does absorb shocks. It is not an equation like more suspension = better ride, less = worse ride, it is a sum of many things, so yes, even the larger wheels (compared to the Yoyo) will make a huge difference, to be honest - just like the frame feats will make, like how sturdy or loose it is, etc.).

Overall, the Electa is not the most compact stroller, and on smoother surfaces, it pushes very nicely in general. It CAN go over bumpy terrain occasionally, and the ride isn't even bad, but it won't be soft and you will feel the chassis shaking and vibrating.

It is, however, rather a full-sized model than a lightweight one, but it definitely is not an all-terrain beast. I would get and use it as a full-features city pram. The carrycot is very nice, indeed, and comfy for the baby!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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