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Inglesina Electa: Is it really for shorter people and with not that much suspension?

Miri • 17 Feb 2022

I just saw this new buggy from Inglesina electa, they say the suspension isn’t great and the canopy is wobbly plus it’s not for tall adults. Can you help me if these factors are true as it’s quite a new buggy with hardly reviews out there.

I saw it in a shop and it didn’t seem to be more for short people... thank you

Eli • 18 Feb 2022

Hi, Miri,

The reality of reviews is that someone needs and expects something and the thing doesn't meet those requirements. If you're not particularly tall and don't expect your bassinet/seat unit to be too high up, it should be just fine for you. The overall height of the click-on parts is, however, more on the lower than on the higher side, taking an average height into account.

About the canopy, that is how Inglesina buggies are made in general - the canopy has a bit of will. Nothing you can't live with if you don't have a strong preference for the opposite.

Lastly, about the suspension - there are shock absorbers but not super soft rocking, so yes, this is more a city pram than an all-terrain one.

Don't expect too much and you'll be happy. The materials used and the quality of fabrics and details is very nice on Inglesinas.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.