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Inglesina Electa: Electa vs. Aptica and tall parents in the city center – are these strollers a good choice?

Bill • 09 May 2022

Hi there,

Ee are about to have our newborn and we are between the Electa and the Aptica. We would choose the Electa because of its light weight, but we see the reviews regarding short parents and the hard suspension. I am 1.80m and my wife 1.70m and we live in the city center. Is this for us or will we regret it?

Eli • 10 May 2022

Hi, Bill,

The best is to try the stroller out in real life, in a store, if unsure. Overall, however, Inglesina strollers are truly lower to the ground, seat and carrycot-wise, and the rotating handlebar of the Electa makes it harder to walk behind the stroller when very tall (long steps, not enough distance). About the suspension, they truly are more smooth-surface prams, I mean, they can totally go over bumps and cobblestones, but you will feel it a lot as the wheels are not huge and the suspension is not that soft.

If truly deciding between the Electa and Aptica only, as a tall parent, you'll be better off with the telescoping handle of the Aptica. 1.7m and 1.8m are nothing extreme, however, so you should be reasonably fine with the Electa if you really really want that one. For the city center, the larger wheels of the Aptica XT could be more useful, however, never expect them to absorb shocks absolutely, they cannot do it. I wouldn't say you would regret either, especially since the bassinets are very very comfy for the newborns, just wheel/chassis-wise, you might have a few complaints, that's all. There's always going to be something.

And really go and try out a few prams in a baby shop if you have the opportunity, as the differences in height and many other features. Just to have a real-life difference.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.