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Infababy Ezeego: Will this buggy's space last (for a two-year-old)?

Annmarie Knychala • 02 Oct 2021


I was wondering what weight/age of child this can hold? My boy is gone 2 but looking for one that will last him a while ours is currently taking up too much boot room.

Eli • 02 Oct 2021

Hi, Annmarie,

As all tracel/ultracompact strollers (read more here), the Ezeego is - well, small. It is small so therefore narrow, with a short backrest (relatively), and you'll feel that A LOT with a larger toddler, especially in winter (winter clothes, cosytoes...). This is what you need to count on if passing from a full-size, bulky stroller to this size - this type is usually meant for traveling, trips, holidays, or just around shops, not for everyday all-terrain use by far.

With the Ezeego, the leg rest is quite short and the backrest is ONLY 41 cm, meaning it is VERY short. A two-year-old's head will be over the seatback (or will be very soon) - again a thing to consider. From the opposite point of view, there's enough room up to the hood, so he should fit at least 6 to 12 months more, depending on how tall he is.

So - if this is meant only for occasional use, I think you'll be fine, even if there are more spacious buggies (from Chicco Goody to Joolz Aer, find inspiration in our top travel strollers 2021).

If you want it for everyday use, I would strongly suggest finding something still light and compact enough, but a bit larger and sturdier, roomier than this. The Baby Jogger City Mini Zip or the TFK Dot 2 are from those very small while roomy enough, but I would also consider a Oyster Zero, Thule Spring, or maybe a Valco Snap 4 as they are compact for the boot (enough) while MUCH more comfortable for the child (and they'll last much longer).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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