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Infababy Aero: What is the weight and the comfort of this stroller?

Liza • 15 Nov 2021

How heavy is the stroller please? Is it lightweight? Is it comfortable?

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eli & vii
Eli • 16 Nov 2021

Hey, Liza,

The Infababy Aero is a rather small and light buggy, unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn't state its weight anywhere. My own guess, based on my experience, would be that it weighs around 7 to 8 kg. I don't have it at hand so my guess is all I can offer. Still, this will not be a heavy stroller, don't worry.

The comfort, well, it always depends on your expectations - as well as on whether you mean child or parent comfort.

Child comfort will be reasonably OK, I mean, the seat is padded enough, and even though not upright, still not too slanted. Negatives here would be the thinner, not too large canopy, and a harder ride as the wheels are small and not with crazy much suspension. For a larger toddler, the safety measure of the hem around the seatback could be less comfortable, too. Otherwise, nothing to point out, should be fine.

Parent-comfort-wise, this is a simple stroller. As I already said, smaller wheels and not much shock-absorbing will mean a harder ride and not the easiest curb-lifting. The non-adjustable, foam-covered push bar is also not the best thing for the comfort of a parent, meaning it will not be a stroller for a very tall dad.

The whole thing is made cheap-ish, so expect basic stuff and you'll be happy. This is a pushchair meant for not too demanding parents and occasional/urban use, and as such, it will be fine. For everyday all-terrain use or a very large toddler, it might be a wee bit too simple.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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