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If a buggy board is annoying to use, what else is available? iCandy Orange/Lime, is there something more?

Chloe • 14 Nov 2021

Older siblings… if you have a baby and a toddler eg. 3 years old, who doesn't need a buggy but does occasionally get tired (or is just slow). The natural solution seems to be a buggy board. Double strollers are bigger and more inconvenient if you’re only using the second element very occasionally, and you don’t always have a scooter with you, etc.

But are there really and buggy boards / any pram designs that mean walking behind them with a buggy board isn’t a total pain?! I find you have to really shorten your stride so you don’t step on the buggy board, and it’s incredibly unnatural and annoying to walk. I’ve heard of the iCandy Orange (double I know) and Lime which each have a built-in board.

Are there any other ideas?

Eli • 15 Nov 2021

Hi, Chloe,

I know your pain, I did write an article about the use of a kiddy ride stating just those problems when using it. Very occasionally, it is absolutely doable, but a more often use, it will become quite hard. That is why also used a Buggypod, which, for occasional use, could also work for you in theory.

Next in line, the iCandy prams you mention are made just for that - usability with a second child, standing. There is also the Quinny Hubb (full Quinny Hubb stroller review) that is strong enough to hold a kid on the rear axle OR to be used with a bench seat. A bench seat is also offered by the Baby Jogger City Select Lux, and it might get useful to you too, to be honest. There is also the Peg-p0roego Pliko P3 with the tiny rear stand (not the sturdiest solution but very occasionally, it can be used as you need), or the American favorites in the likes of a Graco Ready2Grow or a Graco RoomFor2, or those with a standing platform (like a Joovy Caboose). They will do with two children but will be a bit too bulky and not as smooth rides, overall. You can feel the lower price on the push.

My own solution, in the end, was the Seed Papilio. A single stroller, but a very very sturdy one (the magnesium alloy frame does its work great), and it could handle even the older one standing on the rear bar. Even the push like that was not too hard. But this is a stroller not as widely available anymore.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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