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Ickle Bubba Gravity: How high is this stroller's seatback? I need a tall backrest compact buggy

Toni • 18 Apr 2022


Please can you advise the seat height for the gravity, from bum to top? We brought the Globe and my son is already as tall as the seat back.

Eli • 18 Apr 2022

Hi, Toni,

I am sorry but I don't have the Gravity at hand, so I cannot tell you the exact measurement. I can definitely tell you it is a taller seatback than the Globe, however, you cannot expect very much. These are still ultracompact strollers meaning as small as possible, and they have a seatback of somewhere between 41 and 46 cm.

For a tall seatback buggy, you either need to go for a larger pushchair, even if lightweight, OR check the two ultracompacts on the market boasting a high backrest: the Joolz Aer and the Bugaboo Butterfly with a whopping 56 cm backrest.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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