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iCandy Strawberry 2: Can the Strawberry be made into a double stroller?

Zoe • 12 May 2022

Can the iCandy 2 be adapted to a double buggy by getting adapters/extra bits at all?

Eli • 12 May 2022

Hey there, Zoe,

I am sorry to say that it cannot. The frame was not meant for that, and even if you found a way to do that, you might put the two children inside in danger, as the chassis might get damaged and collapse with them inside. The Strawberry is only a single pram.

If you need a double stroller, you can either help yourself with a buggy board - there are even kid rides with an optional little seat, a Buggypod, which is a simple seat attachable on the side of a stroller, OR you'd have to get the Peach from iCandy (or other tandem or side-to-side double).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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