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MamaKiddies Light4 Go: How to wash my new pushchair?

Roberta • 29 Jul 2021

Hi there,

I just bought a stroller and I want to wash it - and I don't know how to take of the things to wash it. Can you help me, please?

Many thanks, Roberta

Eli • 30 Jul 2021

Hello, Roberta,

Why do you want to wash a brand new pushchair? I mean, I wouldn't start wearing out the (already very low-end price) fabrics by washing them in a washing machine. I would only use a disinfecting spray and, in case of a plastic smell, for example, let the stroller out on the balcony for a few hours. Do consult the manual as well because I am pretty certain this model was not meant to be machine-washed.

Here's a full stroller cleaning and maintenance guide I wrote in-depth to help you and clarify all that could go wrong (and well) with keeping your stroller in a good condition.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.