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How to store a stroller?

Emma • 08 Aug 2022


I have an iCandy Peach all terrain pram. My little girl has outgrown it now and I am just wondering what the best way is to store it so that we can hopefully use it again?



Eli • 08 Aug 2022

Hello, Emma,

Normally, the best way to store a pram is to have it somewhere that is not in direct sunlight, not too dusty, and especially not humid/wet around.

The storage space depend on your possibilities, of course, though if you'd want to put it in a kind of basement/attic/garge etc., I'd recommend packing the stroller up into foil (a travel bag such as Stokke PramPack or similar is also a very good option) so that it doesn't get too damaged by the surrounding conditions (direct sunlight, overly high or low temperatures, and humidity are the worst enemies of a stroller). A good option is also to store it in a closed of sorts, where it is nicely closed off while not in any wet or extreme environment, but not everybody has a free one at home.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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