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Hauck Lift Up 4: How to repair a broken brake?

Jo T • 18 Jul 2021

How do you get a repair done on the buggy, as I bought one for my granddaughter and the brake is now stuck on and it can’t be moved? We have tried taking the wheels off but this doesn’t work.

Thank you

Eli • 19 Jul 2021

Hello, Jo,

I must say an average, non-technical person won't simply repair the brake (or any other broken part, for that matter) - usually, technicians repair these - or engineer-like dads ;-) If I were you, I would, however, first try to clean it from any hair, dust, and so on, then lubricate it (here's our stroller cleaning and maintenance guide if you'd need more about that). It is possible that even after cleaning and oiling, nothing will change - if the brake is broken, that is.

Then, the next step should be contacting the seller or any official distributor of the Hauck brand - they should help with the repair or at least recommend a service to take it to to be repaired. Usually, shops selling the same brand also have a place they send faulty pieces, so ask around anywhere Hauck is being sold.

The last resort would be contacting the Hauck customer service - they might help you out with at least an advice.

I wish you good luck, and please let other parents and grandparents know your experience with the pushchair you own by leaving a review of the Hauck Lift Up 4, please, it will help other people with their decision-making.

Many thanks, and stay safe!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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