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How to remove the Inglesina Sketch covers for washing?

Sam • 28 Mar 2023

I have an Inglesina Sketch and I am having trouble taking of the main fabric where the child sits. I have removed all of the parts. The only piece I am having trouble with is the back straps where there is the plastic part to raise and lower the seat, and those straps are attached to the frame of the stroller. How am I to remove those straps to take off the main fabric to wash?

Eli • 28 Mar 2023

Hey, Sam,

The manual of thr Sketch says "Seat cover and harness are surface wash only. Clean with a damp cloth and mild soap; do not use solvents, ammonia or bleach." YOu are not supposed to remove the whole covers, just hand- and surface-wahs them - washing in the machine could result in damage or fading. That is why you can't get it to go down - it was not made to be removed like that.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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