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How to remove the GB Beli Air's textiles for washing?

חכי • 05 May 2022

How to remove the upholstery of GB Beli Air4 stroller for washing?
Thank you

(from original Hebrew: איך מסירים את הריפוד של עגלה gb beli air4 לכביסה?
תודה רבה)

Eli • 05 May 2022

Hello, there,

Well, you don't in the ideal world. It is not easy, and you should know you might even damage the fabrics, making them crease, fade, shrink, or tear if really putting the covers in the washing machine. The putting it back can be pretty much hell as well. I recommend hand-wash only, water & soap & a gentle brush – read more about how to clean your stroller here.

P.S. If you will remove the covers anyhow, I recommend making a video of that so that you'd be able to check how it was attached before. I do attach the GB Beli 4 manual with the instructions on how to do it for your convenience.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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