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How to remove front wheels of the Silver Cross Comet?

Nati • 07 Feb 2022

Sorry, in my previous question I meant to ask about the front wheels of the Silver Cross Comet stroller. How do you remove them?

Eli • 07 Feb 2022

Hey, again, Nati,

Again, a thing that is not in their original manual, which is strange, but I believe that to remove the front wheels, a similar (rather invisible at the first glance) button needs to be firmly pushed in to be able to pull the front wheel out of the chassis.

If that is not a button, however, look for metal "pins" around the wheel (front, sides or under the frame - also look near the place the wheel is visibly divided from the frame) that should be either pushed in or pulled out to release the wheel. Even if hidden, it is always there as most full-sized prams need their front wheels removed from time to time.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.