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How to pick the first stroller & which do you recommend for snowy Norway?

Zain Munir • 20 May 2022


My first baby is on the way to this world, I need good advice to buy strollers, you have an exceptionally good site but can't buy from your site. Do I have to buy directly from the brand's website?

Which type of stroller do you recommend for Norway having a lot of snow, a lot of rain, and windy weather?

Eli • 20 May 2022

Hey there, Zain,

We don't sell anything on strollberry, and the usual /thus probably the best) way is to order from baby shops around you. Online, especially, can the prices get better, but it takes away the possibility of trying the pram out in a shop. Btw, if trying the stroller out in real life, never try it just empty, put an 8+ kg bag in there (even if full of milk bottles ;-)) to really get the feeling of the manipulation (as every empty stroller on a shop's smooth surface feels easy to push).

What I will recommend is first to go over our Strollberry stroller guides and read as much as possible before picking what you just "like." After that, be sure to look at strollers that are not the most affordable ones, but that offer a good price-performance ratio. In your case large wheels will be more critical stroller priority than compactness, for example, as snow is not an easy thing to go over (and almost impossible with small urban wheels). After reading our guides, be sure to check what brands are available around you, and what parents say in reviews about them (not just on Strollberry but also in web forums, mommy sites, videos, etc.). By then you should have an idea which you like at least a bit and what you don't like at all.

That is the time to check back here and write me, if in doubt, what did you come to, which models seem doable price-wise, what are your priorities apart from ride on snow... and I will suggest a few ;-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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