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Maclaren Techno XT: How to fix or renew a faded canopy?

Elizabeth Lombard (Liz) • 22 Jun 2021

My hood of the Techno XT is faded a lot. New baby on the way. How can I renovate the hood back to full colour? I live in Pretoria, South Africa. I can not afford a new hood.

Eli • 22 Jun 2021

Hello, there, Liz!

I must say there's no easy & ideally free solution to this.

One thing could be just live with it and own that you have a pushchair that survived one child, a lot of sun, and still works fine even if faded.

Another could be to embellish your hood with a decorative element(s) - like a bow.

Some mums, skilled in tailoring, put the original hood down and we a new one from a different fabric, replicating the original one. Or they ask a tailor to make that for them, but that costs money. Try and ask around to see how much.

Lastly, you can try and get a car upholstery spray and spray the faded textiles (after covering everything that shouldn't be sprayed on, like the peek-a-boo window. Google 'upholstery spray paint' or 'fabric spray paint' to see what's available in your country.

Try and read our stroller cleaning and maintenance guide here, I talk a bit about fabric cleaning and fading (and what to do and not).

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.