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How to find out which tire/tube size I need to repair my vintage Emmaljunga pram?

Marta Magistrali • 04 Jul 2022

I've got a circa 1986 Emmalunga stroller/bassinette. The tires have disintegrated over the year. I'd like to replace the airless tire with a tire/tube. The diameter of the metal part of the wheel is 7.5" and the width of the tire bed is 3/4 ".

Do you have any idea where/how I can make these wheels/stroller useable again? I'd love to give it to the child who first rode in it when he was born so his child can enjoy it.

If I knew what size tires/tubes to get I could go forward. I live in a small town without a resource for fancy vintage strollers... or even bikes!

I would really appreciate your advice on an easy fix. I live in California.

Thank you in advance for any help, Marta

Eli • 04 Jul 2022

Hiya, Marta,

I am sorry to say I know no easy fix - wihtout pics and perhaps even a live check, I cannot be sure. Such a vintage pram needs special attention, checking also the rims and what shape the whole should be - and a specialized repair service or a passionate antique specialist could help here better than I could. My best advice here is to go to a large, good bicycle shop where they can recommend the right inner tubes or even tires - they are often the same as the ones used on kids' bikes and running bikes, and they do sell and service those. That is what I would do.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.