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How to connect a Maxi-Cosi Adorra and a Cybex iCloud Z2 car seat?

Robyn • 13 Jul 2023

Hi there,

I have a Maxi Cosi Adorra pram base and a cybex iCloud Z2 car seat…

I bought maxi cosi car seat adapters but they don’t fit into the cybex car seat, which adapters will make these two compatible please?

Thank you!


Eli • 13 Jul 2023

Hey, Robyn,

I'm afraid Maxi-Cosi started to boycott other brands' car seats and although Maxi-Cosi car seats do work on Cybex adapters (the attachment system is the same, kind of U-shaped), they started making shorter U's on the Maxi-Cosi prams' adaptors. There is no other adapter for the Adorra, and so you won't be able to attach a Cybex car seat on it if it doesn't fit the adapter for Maxi-Cosi car seats.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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