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Pali Aigo: How to clean my pushchair without hosing it all over?

Vechiii • 23 Jul 2021


How can I clean my Pali Aigo stroller? I got it from a friend and it needs to be cleaned- I mean the soft parts. Do you know how can I wash them without watering the whole stroller?

Eli • 26 Jul 2021


We have an article addressing this exact issue. Read more about stroller cleaning and maintenance here to know all the details. In short, I don't recommend washing the covers in the washing machine - that weakens to damages the fabrics and causes fading often. Hosing is also not the best option (read the article to know more) but spot-cleaning, hand-washing with a foam-style cleaner is your best bet. If worst comes to worst, hand-washing in the sink could also work - the tricky part would be removing then re-putting the textiles from and on the frame. Do record the process with your camera so you can put it back properly (if you manage to do that).

Good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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