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How to adjust the seat and how to fold the Mamas&papas Sola City?

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eli & vii


Could you please advise me how to fold down a Sola City by Mamas and Papas buggy as I have no imformation on it? And also how to make to seat into a lying postion thank you.

Eli • 09 Jul 2022

Hi, Nancy,

The folding is nicely shown in this video, I believe you'll get it even if it is not in English:

Beware: You can only fold it with the seat unit facing the world, not when it's facing the parent. You can also remove the seat and only fold the frame (a two-piece fold).

About the backrest adjustment, the positioning is realized by pushing the two INTERNAL side buttons on the inside of ther seat sides, I took a screenshot of aone Sola City, so look at that grey button on the side:

You need to push those in and at the same time rotate the bucket seat lower or higher by pushing or pulling it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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