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Lionelo Julie One: How to adjust the harness belts height?

Rubaina • 22 Jun 2021


I cannot quite find a way to adjust the level of the straps, they are on the bottom option and need them higher up on the first placement. Does anyone know how to adjust them?

Eli • 22 Jun 2021

Hello, Rubaina,

Funnily, the manufacturer didn't put it in the Lionelo Julie One manual nor the instruction video. The principle is, however, pretty much the same as in any stroller with this harness belt system (a system with "holes" and the straps being fed through them).

You need to find a plastic buckle BEHIND the hole it goes in, change its angle and pull it out (sometimes it takes a bit of force). Then, the same buckle has to be retreaded through the higher hole.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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