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How to adjust the backrest of a Hauck Turbo Plus buggy?

Kalpana • 17 Jan 2023


I'm asking regarding the HAUCK stroller Turbo Plus model. How do we adjust backrest? IT'S said to have 5 positions

Thank you

Eli • 17 Jan 2023

Hi, Kalpana,

There are multiple years - lines of the Turbo Plus, however, you should only find two ways of reclining the backrest depending on which type do you have. It will either be reclined with a lever that will be on the upper side of the backrest (from the outside), then there will be 5 positions (most probably), OR you will have a model with a strap recline, where you need to pull the strap's plastic mechanism lower to pull down the seatback, and then, there is an infinite number of position available - you just stop the strap where you want the seat back to stop.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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