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How long is the space for legs with the Bugaboo seat?

Baby mama • 17 Jun 2022

How many inches does the bugaboo 3 seat provide for leg space (length-wise)?

Eli • 17 Jun 2022

Hey there,

I am not exactly sure what you mean – which Bugaboo 3, the Cameleon, the Fox..? And, as the baby's legs can be bent, how do you measure that? Do you also take into account that a large kid can have its feet down on the frame's footrest?

My general answer would be - it is a reversible stroller, pretty much any Bugaboo except for Butterfly, and as such, it is smaller than a world-only-facing one. However, the seat is actually rather generous for the category, and a kid up to 2.5-3 years of age should fit for sure (some up to 4 years old, the larger ones up to a bit less, I would guess). The whole Fox 3 seat, for example, is 94.5 cm = 37.2 inches long, and that is a nice measurement for a reversible model.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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