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How does the Baby Jogger City Sights compare with the City Mini GT2?

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eli & vii
Mrscee • 19 Nov 2022


I just wondered if you knew anything about the Baby Jogger City Sights? You helpfully pointed me to the Baby Jogger City Mini G2 as a good off road pram that could be slung in my boot and not take up too much space. How does this new model compare?

Eli • 20 Nov 2022

Hiya, Mrscee,

I would not really compare these two, or if so, I would need to know what to compare I mean, these are two very different pushchairs - the City Sights being reversible, it offers less seat space (however, the option to face the parent is suitable for those with a smaller child), higher weight (based on the travel system-ready frame), and smaller, more urban front wheels.

I personally would go for the City Mini GT2 if I wanted a lighter, long-lasting pushchair that folds compactly (the City Sights is bulkier and heavier as it is a two-piece pram) as the seat is much larger, and as it only faces forward I would want it for a toddler more than a baby. The City Sights I would get as a full-featured from-birth option (kind of like a more compact Uppababy Cruz), most probably with a carrycot, as that is the best use of this model from my point of view.

If needing something kind of like the City Mini GT2 but smaller, check the TFK Dot 2.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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