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How do you remove Largo pram's front wheel from the forks to change the inner tube?

Valentina • 23 Feb 2022

How do you remove front wheel from the forks to change the inner tube? My stroller is a [[raf-pol-largo|Largo pram 3 in 1 buggy color mint and has old tires with a fixed screw in the middle. I tried to remove it, but there was no way, I even went to two bicycle mechanics, but they said that if they tried to remove it they would break it. Then I ordered new tires along with the forks, but it turned out that the forks are different and do not match the mechanism for attaching to the stroller.

I can show photos, but I can't see a place to upload! I wish to can help me because we are without pushchair already 2 months and is difficult!

Thank you

Eli • 23 Feb 2022

Hello, Valentina,

I am sorry to say but if the new wheels don't fit, and the old ones are impossible to remove from the fork, there truly is not much else to do. This is a pram from a very low-end price range, and fitting spare parts are very hard to come by. It is not worth investing in at this point - my advice is, therefore, to get a new one. If you liked it a lot, you'll find the same or similar model in classifieds for a very small amount of money.

Also, you can always find a broken or too old one and use the parts from it for your stroller frame.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.