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Hauck Uptown: What car sear adapter works with this stroller?

Bev • 05 Jan 2023


Really need to know what car sear adapter works with this, please, we have the Comfort Fix 0+ car seat and want to use with adapter to attach to the pushchair.

Thanks in advance.

Eli • 05 Jan 2023

Hi, Bev,

There should be an adapter for the Uptown in particular, at least there was when the stroller was released. The adapter was only included in the travel system (Shop 'n Drive) sets though, and I cannot find it sold separately anywhere anymore. You can only try to contact any seller/distributor of this brand and/or model around you, or try to contact directly the manufacturer, asking about the part. Other then that, you can browse classifieds, maybe someone is selling a Hauch Uptown car seat adapter. However, the chances, as I checked, are slim, and you might not get one, ending up only using your car seat in the car, not on the stroller frame, I am sorry to say.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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