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Hauck Shopper Neo II: Should the lower harness belts go through the plastic hoods on the sides?

Annette • 14 Sep 2021


The 5 point harness in the stroller - should the straps come through the plastic hooks at each side (of the baby’s body)?

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eli & vii
Eli • 14 Sep 2021

Heya, Anette,

The hooks (if we're talking about the kind-of D-shaped plastic parts) on both sides/ends of the sitting surface of the pushchair are actually meant to be used with an insert soft carrycot or a cosytoes that needs this kind of attachment to not slide down. The straps are not supposed to come through those - they are sewn into the fabric and that is where they're secured.

To tighten or to loosen the straps, you only pull them through (or out) of the different height settings as well as use the clips on them to change their length - no reason to use those 'hooks' on the side. It's pretty much impossible to get the harness belts through them anyhow.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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