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Hauck Rapid 4S: Will a car seat fit in the stroller?

Deimante • 10 Sep 2021


I would like to know if I buy a stroller only and a car seat, would I be able to put the car seat in the stroller? Would it fit?

Eli • 11 Sep 2021

Hey, Deimante,

I am not sure what you mean. The Hauck Rapid 42 stroller does accept a car seat, but ONLY a Hauck car seat. The fitting car seat is usually included in the Trio Set (3in1) or in the Shop N Drive 2in1 travel system (= pushchair + capsule). Usually, the car seat included is the Hauck Comfort Fix (and it does have an OK ADAC result, no worries).

Just any car seat, e.g., a Maxi-Cosi or a Cybex, will NOT fit this buggy, unfortunately. The Hauck strollers are mostly made for Hauck car seats only.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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