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Hauck Rapid 4R Plus: Is this a stroller one can take on a plane?

Shannon_love • 13 Feb 2022

Can this pram/stroller go on the aeroplane? As it folds so small, can it go on the actual aeroplane?

Eli • 14 Feb 2022

Hi, Shannon,

Well, the answer is yes and no. If you mean to take it as a piece of cabin luggage WITH YOU in the cabin, that would be a NO. This is not an ultracompact stroller (read more about those HERE), it is a light mid-size forward-facing one.

However, you CAN take it with you as the baby's luggage (often that is free till certain age of the baby). They will take the stroller when you will be boarding (kind of under the stars of the plane) and they will take it in the back and store it. When getting off the plane, the stroller will be returned to you.

If you would think of an ultra-compact to get (wanting the stroller with you in the cabin), inspire yourself with the top 2021 ultra-compact strollers in this article.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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