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Hauck Rapid 4R Plus: How long will the car seat last us? Do I need a carrycot or the car seat will be enough?

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eli & vii
Vera • 06 Jul 2022


My question would be regarding the car seat. How long can it be used? I am a bit stuck regarding the choice between purchasing a stroller+carry cot combination with an additional car seat or purchasing a travel set like this one. If we use this car seat, how long the baby can stay in it one time? Is it good for walking around in it also or should the carrycot be used for a longer period of time?

Thank you for your answer!

Eli • 06 Jul 2022

Hi, Vera,

The Hauck car seat is actually a nice one in terms of safety, and size-wise, it is pretty much average, meaning it should last you about 8-10 months in reality (for smaller babies, up to a year+, approximately). It is possible to use on the frame, but it is highly advisable not to use it for longer periods of time, just for the car or a very very quick shop trip, but already 30+ minutes in the car seat put a LOT of strain on the baby's neck and spine, and they can suffer from problems caused by this later in life - the best position is the lie-flat one. So, for super quick trips, the car seat is ok, but for longer ones, a carrycot or a lie-flat seat with a cocoon is definitely much better.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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