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Hauck Miami 4S: How do I adjust the harness straps?

Ally • 20 May 2022


How do I adjust the straps on both the carseat and main pram so it fits child better with growing? Thanks.

Eli • 21 May 2022

Heya, Ally,

I am attaching a part of the Hauck Miami 4S manual, which shows rather clearly what to do (even if it is not the easiest way, of course). For adjusting the harness straps height, you need to untread and retread the plastic part inside and put it higher up or lower down as needed. Along with that, you also need to adjust the length of the harness belts by pulling r releasing the extra part of the straps through the plastic buckle in there for the harness to best fit your child. The same thing applies to the car seat.

You should also know that the harness belt end should always be around your baby's shoulder height - not overly high (rather the lower setting) but if it is too low, move on to the higher setting. The strap should be firmly around the body with about 2 adult fingers being able to go between the child's body and the strap, no more.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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