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Hauck Fisher Price Toronto 4: What rain cover will fit?

Annie • 29 Oct 2021

Hi, what kind of raincover do I need for this buggy?

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Eli • 31 Oct 2021

Hello, Annie!

As this pushchair is normally sold without any accessories, any universally fitting, pushchair-style rain cover will do in this case. So don't go searching for a 'Hauck Fisher Price Toronto 4 rain cover'; you won't find any.

I suggest either looking online for any universally fitting raincoats out there - e.g., this one on Amazon by Hauck or this premium one by Chicco... OR pay a visit to any better baby store and ask for a universal rain cover. If you come with your buggy, you might even try some out there. There's any uni rain covers out there, so I believe you'll find a suitable one quite quickly 😉

Good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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