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Hauck Eagle 4S: Are the wheels and the curb climing good with the Eagle 4S?

Lalli • 31 Oct 2021

Please I would like to know if the Eagle 4s wheels are good and if the stroller climbs the curb steps easily. Thanks

(from original Italian: Per favore vorrei sapere se le ruote di eagle 4s sono valide e se il passeggino sale facilmente il gradino del marciapiede. Grazie)

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eli & vii
Eli • 31 Oct 2021

Heya, Lalli,

I will probably disappoint you, but the Hauck Eagle 4S is a cheap, simple stroller. The wheels are covered with EVA foam, which is the simplest material (read more about different wheel types and their characteristics and differences here), and they are SMALL. Like very small. Meaning any bump, hole, crack, sand, gravel will make the ride less smooth, and you and the baby will feel them. Also, you will see wear on the foam tires after some time.

About the curb-popping, that should be relatively good as the stroller features a rotating handlebar (read more about handlebar differences here). A pivoting pushchair makes it easier to adjust the center of gravity when going up kerbs BUT it is less sturdy and comfy for tall parents.

So there you go. You cannot expect much from such a small, cheaper pushchair - it will reflect the price. The wheels will also be reflecting that - I mean, that is quite normal. For basic urban streets, not a bad terrain, and undemanding parents, it will do well enough. If you expect more suspension, a more all-terrain ride, or a pram that will last well, I would suggest a higher quality brand and model. Lifting on a curb will be good enough if you set the handlebar to the lowest position that is still comfortable for you.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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