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Hauck Duett 2: How to attach the main seat unit's rain cover?

Schnare • 19 Oct 2021

How do I attach the main seat rain cover, as I can see it has two little black Velcro parts but nothing on the seat unit to attach it to (or not that I can see)?

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eli & vii
Eli • 19 Oct 2021

Hello, Schnare,

Have you tried consulting the manual? If you have the right rain cover, it should not be overly hard. But you are right, there are ONLY those two velcros to secure it on the sides, not much securing elsewhere. The way should be that you'll pul it on so that the sides go over the frame of the seat, then secure the two velcros.

Here's a picture from the manual:

And here's a video manual - the lady puts the main seat raincover at 2:20.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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