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Hauck Duett 2: Are the velcros on the rain cover just for show..?

Schnare • 20 Oct 2021

Thank you for your reply but the manual and the you tube video you sent me only shows the rain cover being placed over the seat unit but not the attaching it.

Are these Velcro bits just for show as they clearly do not attach to the unit? So the rain cover can easily be blown off or pulled by the child..? Bit of a design flaw.

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Eli • 21 Oct 2021

Hey, Schnare,

You are right; the design is not perfect. The velcros, however, SHOULD attach either to the frame of the seat unit (but it's not made so that it allows it, I believe) or around the joint where the attachment points are. I personally would try to wrap the velcros around the central joint OR at least the bumper bar sides. I also think that it is not best to leave it just like that. Also, if nothing works, I would try to CONNECT the two velcros under the seat to secure it that way.

The Hauck strollers are the low-end ones, though, so you need to take that into account when thinking about the design - they are made in China, for a very low price, so that it is primarily affordable. I found more design flaws like that with their products.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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